About Essentials


Essentials is a monthly educational e-publication provided to AFA members to explore selected topics. Editions seek to start conversation around the way we approach our work and to illuminate innovative ways of pushing the fraternal movement forward. Editions are typically published on the second Wednesday of each month from February to November. Please note that pieces included in Essentials provide various perspectives across the field of fraternity/sorority life, and thus may not be reflective of the policies or positions of the association.


AFA welcomes articles for Essentials that serve as catalysts for further exploration and discussion on topics relevant to the fraternal movement. Articles published in Essentials are meant to be starting points for further discussion by the AFA membership. While the articles are not meant to be lengthy, they should be thought provoking and applicable to the daily practice of at least a large portion of the AFA membership. Click to view the submission guidelines.


2023 Editors

Hannah Blenden, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
Amy Mustafa, Alpha Chi Omega

2023 Editorial Team

Adam Bantz, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity
Molly Bennett, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity
Morgan Brickley, Triangle Fraternity
Jordan Fischette, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
Maggie Hayes, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Emily Oswalt, University of Minnesota
Ashley Rastetter-Metzger, Denison University
Armando Rijo, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Kyle Shatto, University of Tampa

Archives (2012-2022)

Vol. A Issue 01 – Essentials June 2012

Vol. A Issue 02 – Essentials July 2012

Vol. A Issue 03 – Essentials August 2012

Vol. A Issue 04 – Essentials October 2012

Vol. A Issue 05 – Essentials November 2012

Vol. B Issue 01 – Essentials February 2013

Vol. B Issue 02 – Essentials March 2013

Vol. B Issue 03 – Essentials April 2013

Vol. B Issue 04 – Essentials May 2013

Vol. B Issue 05 – Essentials June 2013

Vol. B Issue 06 – Essentials July 2013

Vol. B Issue 07 – Essentials August 2013

Vol. B Issue 08 – Essentials September 2013

Vol. B Issue 09 – Essentials October 2013

Vol. B Issue 10 – Essentials November 2013

Vol. B Issue 11 – Essentials December 2013