Our Positions

The following are AFA board-affirmed position statements on important topics within the interfraternal community:

About our Positions

The AFA Central Office and Board of Directors have worked together to construct position statements on areas that have a substantial impact on the higher education and fraternity/sorority industries. This statement serves as reference for those interested in understanding AFA’s position surrounding historical and current issues. AFA will continue to review, edit, and enhance its positions over time. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email us at info@afa1976.org.


Honoring Resolutions

The association issues celebratory resolutions in honor of interfraternal and organizational anniversaries at the quarter century and ten year marks, members who are retiring from the fraternity/sorority advising profession and/or a long-time volunteer career, and members who have passed away. To submit an honoring resolution, please contact info@afa1976.org.