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About AFA Foundation

The AFA Foundation supports the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, individual members, and our wider fraternal communities. It is the mission of the AFA Foundation to secure, invest, and distribute the necessary resources to support the educational objectives of AFA, other relevant research, scholarships, and educational programming that furthers the fraternity/sorority advising profession.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we have grown our contributions by 240% in grants to support AFA’s educational programs and individual scholarships. The vitality of our mission is illustrated by our committed board of directors, our supporters willing to donate, our members of the various giving societies, and those who have simply supported our efforts through various fundraising channels.

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A Message from the Chair

It is a true privilege to serve as the Chair of the AFA Foundation as we work to support the Association’s efforts to elevate the standard for effective professional practice in working with sororities and fraternities in higher education. The Foundation was established in 1992 to ensure financial resources were available to support the development of fraternity and sorority professionals in perpetuity. 

The AFA Foundation secures, invests, and distributes the necessary resources to support the educational objectives of AFA and the professional development programming that furthers the fraternity/sorority advising profession. The AFA Foundation is only able to do this work through the generous support of donors like you! Our donors believe in the impact of fraternity/sorority membership, and understand that the experience is profoundly impacted by well trained professionals at the host institution and the inter/national organization headquarters. 

I made my first gift of $5 to the AFA Foundation as a graduate student in 1997 as I wanted to give back to the Association that had already given me so much. I am the higher education professional I am today due to my engagement in AFA, and I choose to give back to ensure that future fraternity and sorority professionals have the very best educational programming and professional development needed to successfully serve the students of today.  

I firmly believe that where you spend your time is where you should invest your treasure. If you believe, please join me in supporting our profession by making a gift to the AFA Foundation today!

Carolyn E. Whittier, Ph.D.
AFA Foundation Board Chair