Future Annual Meetings

Each year, over 1,200 AFA members, guests, exhibitors, and educational partners from across the country gather for the AFA Annual Meeting. In order to both provide an exceptional conference experience that meets the professional development and relationship-building needs of our conference community, while including as many professionals and volunteers as possible in the Annual Meeting experience, AFA rigorously considers the combination of the following factors when selecting Annual Meeting properties, cities/municipalities, and states.

  • Overall property size, space needs, and navigability of the host hotel(s). 
  • Affordability for attendees in lodging/hotel costs, with specific attention to meeting patterns that reduce overall hotel costs. 
  • Local, city, and state equity and inclusion indices, and general protections for underserved and marginalized groups at the local, city, and state levels.  
  • Accessibility for travel including opportunities for direct flights and site distances from major airports. 

Upcoming AFA Annual Meetings

  • December 4-7, 2024: Indianapolis, IN
  • December 8-11, 2025: Las Vegas, NV
  • December 2-5, 2026: Chicago, IL – AFA’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • December 1-4, 2027: Indianapolis, IN