AFA Foundation Fundraising

Silent Auction

Since 1994, the Silent Auction has been the AFA Foundation’s most popular event, raising over $350,000. Donors and buyers help the Foundation fund projects aimed at strengthening our profession, including research and professional development programs. AFA Annual Meeting attendees are able to participate in one of the premier fundraising events for the AFA Foundation — the Silent Auction! The Silent Auction is the largest on-site fundraising event for the Foundation, and we need you!

Donations from AFA members are what make the Silent Auction such a huge success. Donation ideas include small electronics, trips, inter-fraternal experiences, gift cards, sports memorabilia, jewelry, college/university gear, organization spirit items, or anything else creative! Individuals or groups can make donations to the Silent Auction. All individuals and organizations who donate items to the Silent Auction will be recognized by the AFA Foundation.

Because You Believe Stickers

Because You Believe stickers are a great way to acknowledge and thank your colleagues for believing in you! At the 2018 Annual Meeting, we raised just over $5,000 from members who wanted to honor a mentor, fellow volunteer, former coworker, or friend. All sticker sales benefited the AFA Foundation and publicly recognized someone who made a difference in a member’s life.

Amicus Sequentes Circle

“I value sustained philanthropic giving and know that’s what I’m doing when I added AFA Foundation as a percentage benefactor in my 401K documents, it’s a small act that will contribute to the long-term health of AFA.”
– Circle Member

The AFA Foundation has established a planned giving recognition society known as the Amicus Sequentes Circle, or “friends to those who follow”. The Amicus Sequentes Circle honors those who leave a legacy for the future of the association through specific gifts or bequests. If you have included the AFA Foundation in your will or estate plan and have not notified the Foundation, please do so, and you will be recognized as a member of the Amicus Sequentes Circle. Members of The Circle will be listed to be recognized or you may give anonymously. The Foundation’s board members and staff welcome your inquiries and will assist you in becoming a member of the Amicus Sequentes Circle.

We thank the following people for trusting the Foundation with their gift, it is a true honor to be a part of your individual legacy:

Ronald S. Binder
Jonathan & Mindy Brant
Daniel & Amanda Bureau
Kelly & Joni Knight Burke
Thad Matthew Doyle
Daniel Faill
Michael Farley
Melissa Flanagan
Rick Funk
Cassie Gerhardt
Michelle Guobadia
Michael Hayes & Phillip Rotherich
Meghan Hudec
Jackie Isaacson
Thomas & Rebecca Jelke
Bill & Carmalieta Jenkins
Jenni Jones Despain
Kelly Jo Karnes Hendricks
Justin Kirk
Sue Kraft Fussell & Scott Fussell
Christianne I. Medrano Graham
William Paris
Ben & Jenna Martin Pendry
Karyn Nishimura Sneath & Steve Sneath
Neil E. Stanglein
David Stollman
T.J. Sullivan
Lisa & Kevin Swiontek
Shane Taylor
Amy Vojta & John Logan
Charlie Warner
Carolyn E. Whittier, Ph.D.