Sexual Assault and Power-based, Gender-based, Interpersonal Violence

Position Statement:

The climate around sexual misconduct, assault, power-based, and interpersonal violence on college campuses continues to be of grave concern to the fraternity/sorority profession. While sexual, power-based, and gender-based violence is not unique to fraternities and sororities, AFA acknowledges our communities are uniquely positioned to address these acts of violence. AFA believes in the power and potential of fraternities and sororities to lead the efforts to end sexual violence on college campuses. As an association, AFA actively supports efforts to end sexual, power-based, and gender-based violence on college campuses, and supports active efforts for fraternity/sorority professionals to partner with campus prevention, conduct, and compliance operations to build a comprehensive approach to sexual violence prevention, education, and accountability. AFA also recognizes the importance of examining any role fraternities and sororities play in contributing to how unhealthy cultures are created and perpetuated around power and sexual and interpersonal violence.

AFA supports and actively advocates for continued investment in Title IX and other legislative efforts designed to create safer campus communities, and advocates for clarity around reporting and adjudication that center victims/survivors of sexual assault.

Assuming students arrive on college campuses and into fraternities/sororities with the same amount of knowledge and education regarding sexual health can lead us to misrepresent students’ awareness of the impact of their behaviors on others. Education and prevention efforts that help inform members on healthy interpersonal relations and relationships are central to building greater capacity for healthier relationships and healthier fraternity/sorority communities.

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The AFA Central Office and Board of Directors have worked together to construct position statements on areas that have a substantial impact on the higher education and fraternity/sorority industries. This statement serves as reference for those interested in understanding AFA’s position surrounding historical and current issues. AFA will continue to review, edit, and enhance its positions over time. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email us at