Elevate the Standard

The Campaign for AFA's Future

Powering the human capital that elevates sorority and fraternity experiences.

The success of the sorority and fraternity movement deeply depends on the human capital of the sorority and fraternity profession - those individuals powering the learning experiences needed to elevate sororities and fraternities. However, the work of sorority and fraternity professionals is becoming increasingly more complex in the face of governmental regulation, threats to mental and emotional health, and declining college enrollments. As professional development resources struggle to keep up with those demands, emerging...

About AFA

Since 1976, AFA has ‘elevated the standard’ by building a stronger, more effective and more impactful sorority and fraternity profession. This work includes assisting over 10,000 individual members who provide service to millions of sorority & fraternity members, both undergraduates and alumni. AFA’s strategic pillars are laser-focused on how AFA ‘elevates the standard’:

  • Developing Professional Competency: AFA develops a portfolio of programs and experiences designed to enhance and maximize the skills, talents, and overall effectiveness of the fraternity/sorority professional.
  • Advancing Research: AFA drives the empirical study of both the fraternity/sorority profession and the fraternity/sorority experience that better defines evidence-based research and professional practice.
  • Advocating for the Profession: AFA strengthens the narrative around the critical and essential role of the fraternity/sorority profession and its role in facilitating healthy fraternity/sorority experiences.
  • Creating Community: AFA builds and cultivates meaningful, professional communities that allow our members to more effectively engage with people and ideas in an inclusive and supportive environment.

About the AFA Foundation

Since 1992, the AFA Foundation has worked to support the mission and educational objectives of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors by providing opportunities for members and friends to show their commitment to the success of our profession through charitable giving, while providing critical financial support that advances the educational mission of AFA.

The AFA Foundation administers educational program endowments and individual scholarship funds in support of the mission of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, individual AFA members, and our wider fraternal communities. By strengthening educational opportunities and access, the AFA Foundation works to help professionals acquire the foundational knowledge that is essential to serving as a fraternity/sorority professional.