Foundation Policies and Disclosures

The AFA Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID 35-1920532). It remains in compliance with all IRS regulations and maintains transparency regarding its gift acceptance policies, endowment management policies, and administrative fees policies. The AFA Foundation Board of Directors serves as the owning and maintaining body for all AFA Foundation policies and disclosures. Details for each of the Foundation’s public policies are available below.

Gift Acceptance Policy

This Gift Acceptance Policy governs the Foundation’s acceptance of gifts for its operations, programs, or services. The Policy also provides prospective donors and their advisors with guidance when making gifts to the Foundation.

Endowment Management Policy

The AFA Foundation Endowment Management Policy governs how the Foundation manages
its endowment funds, including donor-restricted gifts and donor-restricted endowments.

Administrative Fees Policy

This AFA Foundation Administrative Fee Policy governs how administrative fees are applied to restricted giving designed to cover the Foundation’s operational operations and allow those funds to be distributed consistent with the Foudnation’s mission.