Hazing and the Fraternity/Sorority Experience

Position Statement:

Over the years, AFA has made several statements opposing hazing in any form. There have been countless educational programs and resources geared toward helping fraternity/sorority professionals better understand motivations for hazing, how to prevent hazing, and the impact of hazing in individuals, families and communities. Still, the higher education community is challenged by persistent and pervasive hazing cultures. While AFA recognizes that hazing is not unique to fraternities and sororities, it recognizes the role fraternities and sororities play in the perpetuation of hazing. AFA also recognizes the unique power of fraternities and sororities to lead the higher education community in their efforts to diminish hazing.

Efforts to perpetuate hazing are destructive to the continued human dignity of the individuals and communities victimized by hazing. This continues to be our position. AFA also recognizes that a simple ‘no tolerance’ policy around hazing has yet to be fully effective in the fight against hazing, and advocates for innovation and experimentation in hazing prevention and intervention. AFA is committed to continuing the work to educate our professional community on hazing prevention while partnering with organizations throughout higher education to boldly approach hazing prevention practices driven by data and research.

AFA actively supports efforts to engage in both individual and organizational accountability for those that victimize others through hazing. This includes accountability at a peer level, college/university level, and a fraternity/sorority level. AFA also actively supports legislative efforts at local, state, and federal levels designed to create further transparency and accountability around hazing. Through this work, AFA is critically aware of the impact of criminalization on communities of color, and advocates for hazing legislation that centers equity and inclusion in its approach.

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The AFA Central Office and Board of Directors have worked together to construct position statements on areas that have a substantial impact on the higher education and fraternity/sorority industries. This statement serves as reference for those interested in understanding AFA’s position surrounding historical and current issues. AFA will continue to review, edit, and enhance its positions over time. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email us at info@afa1976.org.