The Value and Benefit of the Fraternity/Sorority Experience

Position Statement:

Institutions of higher education, and society more broadly, continue to reconcile their relationship with fraternities and sororities; this is occurring in concert with fraternities and sororities continuing to strengthen their resolve in supporting the intellectual, emotional, and social development of a multigenerational membership. AFA believes in the potential of all fraternity/sorority experiences, and celebrates those experiences in which that potential is being reached.

Given the wealth of research and literature demonstrating the positive intellectual, social, and emotional impact of fraternity and sorority membership on college students and college graduates, AFA supports efforts to increase access to, and support of, the fraternity and sorority experience. This includes a level of appropriate staffing and resourcing and a campus environment in which fraternities and sororities are identified as a critical partner in student success and not a ‘problem to be managed’. AFA discourages attempts to limit access or create barriers to fraternity/sorority membership. When given, sanctions should attempt to prioritize restoration and education as much as possible.

AFA affirms its belief that inter/national fraternities and sororities, colleges and universities, and students must work collaboratively to enhance the fraternity/sorority experience. AFA also affirms its belief that chapters and governing councils should maintain an affiliation with their host institutions in the best interest of students and chapter volunteers. Host institutions, inter/national fraternities and sororities, and local chapters should seek to strengthen their collaborative partnerships, and AFA remains committed to deep partnership and support, even when challenging circumstances arise.

While AFA believes in the value and benefit of fraternities and sororities, we also champion the need for fraternities and sororities to evolve. As colleges and universities become responsive to the needs of an increasingly diverse student body, fraternities and sororities must also evolve at a similar pace. AFA calls upon colleges, universities, and fraternal organizations to adequately support fraternity/sorority professionals advancing fraternity/sorority communities, and will continue to advocate for positive change in the contributions of the fraternal community on campuses and in the lives of students.

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The AFA Central Office and Board of Directors have worked together to construct position statements on areas that have a substantial impact on the higher education and fraternity/sorority industries. This statement serves as reference for those interested in understanding AFA’s position surrounding historical and current issues. AFA will continue to review, edit, and enhance its positions over time. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email us at