Pillar 3: Advocating for the Profession

AFA strengthens the narrative around the critical and essential role of the fraternity/sorority profession and its role in facilitating healthy fraternity/sorority experiences.

Stretch Goal 1: AFA will strengthen its role in policy education for the fraternity/sorority profession, focusing on understanding and navigating federal and state policy/legislative efforts. In recognition of the increasing role of state and federal policy in the fraternity/sorority profession, AFA will engage our volunteers and industry content experts to provide regular updates regarding state, federal, and other legal updates in ways that help to best prepare practitioners to navigate increasing legal and governmental influence. 

Stretch Goal 2: AFA will strengthen its industry data collection and benchmarking through the development of a self-service data clearinghouse that tracks benchmarking data at an institutional/organizational level. AFA recognizes the role that democratizing data plays in informing hiring and compensation, staffing practices, and general advocacy efforts around common and best practice. AFA will strengthen its institutional survey initiative to further self-service access to data that will drive data-informed decision making at both the campus and fraternal organization level.  

Stretch Goal 3: AFA will build stronger systems alignment within our data infrastructure to support a larger empirical narrative connecting factors that lead to persistence, competency, compensation, and upward mobility in the fraternity/sorority profession. Through stronger alignment between AFA member and volunteer data, program participation data, and core competency data (among other data), AFA will use that data to better understand the experiences, environments, and connections that best allow professionals to persist, be upwardly mobile, and strengthen their skills and talents.   

Stretch Goal 4: AFA will strengthen its public voice within the broader higher education and fraternity/sorority industries through a more robust use of public positions, policy papers, and research briefs. AFA will leverage its community of volunteers, scholars, and industry leaders to strengthen and expand upon our current position statements. Additionally, AFA will deliver other position pieces designed to address issues of practice in ways that publicly inform best and promising practice development. This includes opportunities for partner position statements with other associations, increasing our relationships with media outlets, and work with university and fraternity/sorority general council operations to inform policy development at the highest level. 

Forward to 50: Elevating AFA into its Next 50 Years | 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan