Our Priorities: Elevating Talent


AFA prioritizes the building and retaining of top talent as critical to our industry’s success. AFA must create a portfolio of educational and professional development programs and experiences designed to enhance and maximize the skills, talents, and overall effectiveness of the sorority &  professional. AFA must be able to support cutting edge professional development that allows AFA to both build and keep talent within our industry.

Opportunities for campaign support include:

  • Enhancing AFA’s capacity to deliver targeted professional development programming to early career, mid career, and senior career professionals designed to create and retain talent in our industry;
  • Investing in our delivery infrastructure for professional development programming including new virtual platforms and learning management systems that build skills in the moments they are most needed;
  • Increasing access to AFA’s professional development programs through scholarship relief;
  • Investing in certification and credentialing opportunities across the fraternity/sorority profession designed to allow professionals to build and demonstrate skills for continued advancement and upward mobility;
  • Strengthen our professional development programming in ways that help professionals to understand and navigate the increasingly complex state and federal policy changes;
  • Growing AFA’s local and regional impact through professional development occurring at a local, state, and regional level.

Our Desired Impact:

  • That meaningful, impactful professional development is available and accessible to all those working with fraternities and sororities, regardless of role, professional level, or level of access to resources.
  • That sorority/fraternity professionals become more likely to persist in the profession and utilize that increased experience and expertise to continue to serve student populations.
  • That learning technology serves not as a barrier, but as a facilitator of seamless professional development.