Annual Meeting Call for Programs

Welcome to the 2023 Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Call for Programs

The Annual Meeting is a fantastic opportunity to develop your Core Competencies and learn from your peers in the fraternity/sorority industry about how to advance our profession.

In order to make the experience meaningful, it takes members who are willing to share their expertise. We are looking for programs that enhance learning, dialogue, and provide practical knowledge. We are excited to introduce the 2023 AFA Annual Meeting Focus Areas to shape the professional development offered during the Annual Meeting. We will continue to provide education in each of the core competency areas but believe having a unique focus on the professional development offerings will continue to elevate the standard of professional development and help move AFA members into a place of practice and proficiency.

Program Submission Deadlines: 

  • The 2023 Annual Meeting Call for Programs has closed for all of our educational programming. We anticipate the 2024 Call for Programs for Pre-Conference Programs, Educational Sessions, and IGNITE to open in May 2024 – look out for more information coming in Spring 2024!

AFA Annual Meeting Focus Areas

Elevating the Future of the Fraternity/Sorority Industry 

  1. Healthy and Sustainable Growth of Fraternities and Sororities: Identifying practices and strategies campuses and (inter)national organizations need to augment that remove barriers for membership and lead fraternities and sororities to a healthy increase in size and retention of engaged and contributing members
  2. Working Across Differences to Advance Belonging: Engaging productively with those who have differing experiences and views to create environments where people are valued, respected, treated with dignity, and given the opportunity to participate fully in the community.
  3. Using Student Success and Wellbeing Practices to Develop Thriving Members: Application of practices and strategies within fraternities and sororities and their respective communities that lead to the retention, graduation, career readiness, and overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of members
  4. Developing Systems and Structures that Lead to Healthy and Sustainable Professionals: Expanding competency and action around effective preparation, staffing practices, supervision, professional development, administrative support, and holistic wellbeing that result in the longstanding retention of professionals within the fraternity/sorority industry
  5. Transforming the Profession in a Post-Pandemic World: Assessing and improving the gaps in pre-pandemic operational excellence and shifting strategies and practices to renew the profession and the fraternity/sorority experience

Program audience

Annual Meeting attendees include fraternity/sorority campus-based, headquarters professionals, graduate students, and fraternal volunteers. Please know your audience may consist of each of these perspectives. You will pick the primary audience(s) from the list below.  If your presentation specifically targets only one of these audiences, be sure to note in your program submission.

  • Senior/ Executive Leadership
  • Mid-Management
  • Emerging & Aspiring Director
  • New Professionals
  • Early Career
  • Paraprofessionals (graduate attendees)

Before you submit

The Educational Programs Committee has created a program submission resource guide to assist in your educational program proposal. The guide outlines the Focus areas the committee is prioritizing, educational program structures, and criteria targets the committee is looking for when reviewing your proposal. The committee’s intention by reviewing these items, you have a clear understanding of the educational program review process and decision-making.

Before you sit down to submit, we recommend using our draft copy of the form and typing it up first as a text document. In previous years, there have been instances of form timeouts. We would hate for you to lose all your hard work!

Submit your program proposal

  • The 2023 Annual Meeting Call for Programs has closed for all of our educational programming. We anticipate the 2024 Call for Programs for Pre-Conference Programs, Educational Sessions, and IGNITE to open in May 2024 – look out for more information coming in Spring 2024!

Educational program reviewers

The AFA Annual Meeting Call for Programs Reviewers play an important role for the Association, as they assist in shaping the educational program’s roster for the Annual Meeting. Program reviewers will serve on a team of 3-5 peers and review 25-35 program submissions, providing feedback in key areas tied to the AFA Annual Meeting Focus Areas and Core Competency alignment, learning outcomes, and knowledge and competency growth offered by the session proposal.  This volunteer experience will require your time commitment from May 22 – August 4, 2023.

Educational Programs Notifications

All program notifications for educational programs will be sent by September 1, 2023 for Educational Sessions. If you are the Coordinating Presenter, you will be the only person on your presentation team to receive the notification.

Program notifications for IGNITE Fraternity will be sent by September 29, 2023.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Travis Crudele-Roberts, 2023 Annual Meeting Educational Programs Committee Chair.

Travis Crudele-Roberts (Chair)
Jennifer Attilus-August
Elise Brehmer
Liz Cadwell
Jamison Carson
Craig Rowley
Kollin Fitzpatrick
Jose Garcia
Angela Ging
Liz Jason
Jose Marroquin
Natalie Padron
Cristina Vega
Ebony Wofford