In 1976, as a product of a prior meeting commemorating the bi-centennial of the fraternity/sorority movement, AFA was born. The primary purpose of our founding was to  foster collaboration amongst the multiple populations of professionals and volunteers who were committed to elevating the work of the fraternity/sorority advisor. That spirit of cooperation and collaboration is still at the heart of AFA, and has served as the foundation for our continued growth. 

As we fast forward almost 50 years later, AFA serves as the leading association for those professionals and volunteers committed to ‘elevating the standard’ for professional practice in our work with sororities and fraternities. As the fraternity/sorority experience has expanded and diversified, so has our work. As important as that work is, it has also become increasingly more complex, and is in increasing need of an association focused on building a more skillful, more valued, and more inclusive profession. ‘Forward to 50: Elevating AFA into its next 50 years’ is our public roadmap that gets us closer to achieving that vision.

In September 2021, as a result of our Strategy Recalibration Project, our Association announced a strengthened mission, vision, and pillars. Our 2022-2026 strategic plan, ‘Forward to 50’, further leans into that strategy recalibration by more clearly outlining the ‘stretch goals’ designed to advance each of our pillars: developing professional competency, advancing research, advocating for the profession, and creating community. These goals were developed with the explicit purpose of strengthening the professional talent that will shape the future of our profession. 

Throughout this recalibration and planning process, our members have provided perspective that has driven both our strategy recalibration through to the creation of this plan. From providing reactions to draft mission and vision statements, to participating in SWOT analyses, to sharing their perspectives on draft stretch goals at our Annual Meeting – our members’ time and talents continue to be our greatest resource. We look forward to the ways in which our members will continue to guide and strengthen our resolve in accomplishing these stretch goals.  

AFA will celebrate a milestone birthday in 2026. While we are excited about the work that leads up to this milestone, this plan is not just about AFA turning 50. This plan is about setting up our association to continue to lead into its next 50 years so that students and alumni can be transformed through higher education and the sorority/fraternity experience. 

We look forward to working together to advance AFA and our shared profession!

Jason Bergeron
AFA Executive Director

Chris Graham
AFA President