Our Priorities: Elevating Research


AFA prioritizes the research-to-practice investments necessary to translate cutting edge research into everyday professional practice. AFA must strengthen the empirical study of both the sorority & fraternity and the sorority/fraternity experience that better defines evidence-based research and professional practice.

Opportunities for campaign support include:

  • Enhancing AFA’s capacity to commission translational research intended to strengthen the profession;
  • Opportunities to fund competitive grants programs designed to provide access to the resources necessary to answer the profession’s most challenging questions;
  • To invest and commission research that centers the experiences of underrepresented and underserved populations in the historical context of the sorority/fraternity experience;
  • To conceptualize research into practical models designed to facilitate stronger, more focused professional practice;
  • To build a data clearinghouse that collects and disseminates data designed to yield stronger institutional support for the talent needed to effectively serve and strengthen sorority/fraternity communities.

Our Desired Impact:

  • That decisions of practice in the fraternity/sorority industry are overwhelmingly informed by research and relevant literature;
  • That the literature on implementation and effectiveness of policies in the sorority and fraternity industry becomes increasingly clear, leading to the removal of policies determined to create disparate impacts on student success.
  • That the experiences of underrepresented sorority/fraternity experiences are widely understood and supported across the profession.