Pillar 4: Creating Community

AFA builds and cultivates meaningful, professional communities that allow our members to more effectively engage with people and ideas in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Stretch Goal 1: AFA will build out a comprehensive affinity/identity space structure that supports communities amongst salient identities and professional roles. AFA will leverage our community of volunteers to assist in the development of a structure that supports the development of new affinity spaces. Additionally, AFA will determine the right mechanism of support and connection to already established affinity spaces that further drive connection to and support from AFA. 

Stretch Goal 2: AFA will develop a members-only online community that serves to advance the aims of the profession and holds space for diverse perspectives. AFA will engage our volunteer community in the exploration, testing, and identification of an effective virtual community platform, and will build out a moderation strategy that supports connection and community designed to strengthen our professional community. This includes creation of virtual sub-communities that hold space based upon important affinity groups, geographic locations, and work interests.  

Stretch Goal 3: AFA will be a convener and problem-solver in building relationships between campuses and headquarters staffs/volunteers/organizations who are actively prioritizing student success. AFA will strengthen our key relationships with fraternities/sororities, umbrella organizations, partner associations and campuses actively demonstrating a commitment to student success in fraternities and sororities, and convene those groups with a focus on partnership and problem-solving. 

Forward to 50: Elevating AFA into its Next 50 Years | 2022 – 2026 Strategic Plan