A Minute with the Board

by Tara Fuller, Hailey Mangrum, and Dr. Kate Butler

As the Board of Directors continues to enhance the governance of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, we want to share what we anticipate the next phase of our governance changes will include. Many are aware that the bylaws changes proposed to aid in the operationalization of governance adjustments have been approved by a majority of those who voted.  With these changes, we are excited to introduce the creation of the Governance and Nominations Committee.

The purpose of this group is to be a year-round strategic entity investing in candidate identification, cultivation, succession planning, pre-boarding, and onboarding​ for AFAs Board of Directors. This will redefine the NEC as we currently know it to be aligned with best practices in the non-profit governance industry.

Currently, we are in the process of appointing members to this committee while also implementing​ strategic aspects of the governance recommendations.​ While it may seem the plane is being built while we’re flying, it’s without a doubt that these new changes and updates will catapult our ability to develop volunteers and strengthen our impact. 

For members, this means new opportunities to engage in developing new or additional skills related to board service. We are excited to bring these educational programs to all members whether you are interested in volunteering with the Association, board service, or not, we encourage you to participate. These are member development programs and will not indicate any particular interest in volunteering, but help educate members in their knowledge of board service.  

It’s no secret that many members have shared their path to volunteering and leadership within the Association has included a nudge from peers, supervisors, or mentors. While this is a great way to get involved, it is important that involvement is accessible to all members regardless of the connections and knowledge of their network. The goal is to continue demystifying the perceived processes​ related to ​being selected as a volunteer or leader in the association from one that’s rooted solely in nepotism, network, or connections to instead, be one that’s equitable and accessible for all members qualified to do the work. 

Whether choosing to access these programs for a deeper dive to learn more about AFA involvement or simply as a tool for professional development, these new programs and offerings will benefit our membership. As we pursue more effective governance, our goal is for members to be equipped with strategic planning skills, an understanding of how to work and report to boards, and awareness about non-profit management and administration.

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