The Value of AFA Membership

New Members

Welcome to the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors! We’re excited about your interest in our association. Member benefits include:

  • Award-winning publications like Essentials, Perspectives, and Oracle.
  • Discounted member pricing on educational programs like the Annual Meeting, Research Week, Regional Drive-Ins, etc.
  • Access to exclusive resources and reports in our ever-growing library.
  • Opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.
  • The ability to vote on important association business.
  • Plus much more!

Our membership year is September 1 through August 31. To start the joining process, click now.

If you have questions about the joining process, please review this helpful step-by-step guide on creating a membership profile and joining AFA.

Renewing Members

We’re excited you’re renewing your AFA membership; the process is quick and simple! For the 2022-2023 membership year, you can start your renewal on June 1, 2022. If you have allowed your membership to lapse, you will still be able to access your membership account to renew your membership. When your membership is lapsed, you can simply renew your membership by visiting the “My Profile” section of your account.

All questions about membership can be directed to the AFA Central Office. Please note, you must join/renew and be fully paid by September 15 if you would like to vote in the leadership election. Additionally, if you select the “check/money order” or “bill me” option, we must receive the payment by September 15. Failure to pay membership dues by September 15th will result in account suspension and removal from formal communication.

All current and future AFA members are encouraged to read AFA’s Payment Policies.

Membership Categories

AFA has five categories of membership, which are described below. Please contact the AFA Central Office if you have questions about these categories.

Professional Members – $165

Professional members shall be those holding full-time professional, administrative positions either (1) at a college/university or (2) at an inter/national fraternity or sorority.

Graduate Members – $100

Graduate members shall be those who are enrolled as part-time or full-time graduate students (masters or doctoral) but who are not employed in any full-time, professional position.

Affiliate Members – $165

Affiliate members shall be all other who are actively concerned with enhancement of the advisement of fraternities and sororities who are not employed by a college/university or inter/national fraternity or sorority.

Emeritus Members – $100

Emeritus members shall be those who have been professional members of the association up to the time they have retired from the field of higher education or from an inter/national fraternity or sorority staff, but still are actively interested in fraternities and sororities. To be considered for this membership category, please contact the board of directors.

Vendor Members – $300

Vendor members shall be those organizations, companies, or suppliers of goods and services – either for profit or not for profit in nature – that support the policies, purposes, and activities of the association. Vendor members shall be subject to the approval of the president. Prospective members in this category should contact central office to have the organizational profile created.

AFA Subscribers

For Non-Members Wanting to Stay Engaged with AFA

AFA serves to elevate the standard for effective professional practice in working with fraternities and sororities in higher education. For those not engaged directly or indirectly in the work of the fraternity/sorority profession, AFA offers a subscription option designed to allow individuals to stay informed of the forward movement of the profession. AFA’s subscription is ideal for the following populations:

  • Higher education professionals (including but not limited to senior student affairs officers) who partner with fraternity/sorority professionals to support fraternity/sorority communities;
  • Local volunteers wanting to stay engaged with the literature of the fraternity/sorority profession;
  • Individuals who are historically AFA members who have found themselves with decreased access to professional development funds.

For $50 per year, an AFA subscription includes:

  • Access to AFA’s monthly Association Update, which includes monthly updates on AFA structural changes, upcoming programs, and policy statements designed to inform best and promising practice within the fraternity/sorority profession.
  • Access to AFA’s publications including:
    • Essentials, AFA’s Monthly Newsletter
    • Perspectives, AFA’s Quarterly Magazine
    • Oracle, AFA’s Peer-Reviewed Research Journal
  • Access to AdvanceU, AFA’s monthly virtual-based classroom webinar series.

Please note, this is NOT an AFA membership. Subscribers will not have access to member benefits as outlined in the bylaws nor to members-only sections of the website including the Resource Center and Reports & Research.

Want to become a subscriber? Click here.