Eberly Journal of Sorority and Fraternity Life Research & Practice Award


    The Dr. Charles Eberly Journal of Sorority and Fraternity Life Research & Practice award recognizes outstanding written and academic contributions to the fraternity/sorority industry. Dr. Eberly titled the journal Oracle in 2006. Since 2005, the journal has provided outstanding research to the fraternity and sorority industry and will continue to do so under the newly established name. Eligible publications for this award were published and peer-reviewed during the past academic year (September – August). Submissions should demonstrate evidence of research and should include relevant and practical ideas to Association members that support the advancement of research within the fraternal movement. Finalists for this award are selected by the Editorial Board and then reviewed by the Awards and Recognition Committee to determine a winner.

    Year   Recipient
     2023 Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn, Natalie Rose Youngbull, James D. Wagnon, and Amber Silverhorn-Wolfe, Reconceptualizing Indigeneity Within the Fraternity and Sorority Community
     2022 Crystal E. Garcia, William R. Walker, Ciera A. Dorsey, Zachary R. Werninck, and Jessie H. Johns, NPHC and MCG Sororities and Fraternities as Spaces of Activism within Predominantly White Institutions
     2021  Kaitlynn Beaird, Arkansas tech University, Steve D. Mobley, Jr., University of Alabama, and ShirDonna Y. Lawrence, University of Iowa – “Selling Sisterhood”: (Re)Viewing Sorority Women’s Self-Portrayals in Recruitment Videos
     2020 Brian K. Richardson, University of North Texas, Steve Rains, University of Arizona, and Camille Hall-Ortega, University of Texas at Austin: Joining In, Blowing the Whistle, or Intervening: Examining the Effects of Severity and Organizational Identification on Fraternity/Sorority Members’ Responses to Hazing
     2019  Gabriel Serna, Dawn Wiese, & Stephen Simo: Needs and Stress in Fraternity/Sorority Life: Evidence of Social & Behavioral Differences Among Sorority & Fraternity Members
     2018 Donald Mitchell, Jr, Ph.D., Bellarmine University, John Gipson, Purdue University, JaKia Marie, University of Louisville, and Tiffany Steele, The Ohio State University: Intersectional Value? A Pilot Study Exploring Educational Outcomes for African American Women in Historically Black Sororities versus Non-Historically Black Sororities 
     2017  Gentry McCreary, Ph.D., Nathaniel Bray, Ph.D., & Stephen Thoma, Ph.D.: Bad Apples or Bad Barrels? Moral Disengagement, Social Influence, and the Perpetuation of Hazing in the College Fraternity
     2016 Colleen Kase, Natasha Rivera, and Melissa G. Hunt: The Effects of Sorority Recruitment on Psychological Wellbeing and Social Support
     2015 Gentry McCreary, Ph.D. & Joshua Schutts, Ph.D.: Toward a Broader Understanding of Fraternity – Developing and Validating a Measure of Fraternal Brotherhood
     2014 Ryan P. Barone: White Clauses in two Historically White Fraternities: Documenting the Past & Exploring Future Implications
     2013 Timothy Reuter, Elgan Baker, Michael Hernandez, and Daniel Bureau: A Values-Based Learning Model to Impact Maturational Change: The College Fraternity as Development Crucible
     2012 Pietro A. Sasso: Towards a Typology of Fraternity/Sorority Programs – A Content Analysis
     2011 Genevieve Evans Taylor: An Analysis of Leadership Programming Sponsored by Member Organizations of the National Panhellenic Conference 
     2010 Tricia R. Shalka & Susan R. Jones: Differences in Self-Awareness Related Measures Among Culturally Based Fraternity, Social Fraternity, and Non-Affiliated College Men
     2009 Ashley Asel, Tricia A. Seifer, & Ernest T. Pascarella: The Effects of Fraternity/Sorority Membership on College Experiences and Outcomes: A Portraint of Complexity 
     2008 Joan B. Hirt, Ph.D., Lauren Chapman, & Nicklaus R. Spruill: The Effects of Sorority Recruitment on Self-Esteem
     2007 Dennis C. Roberts, Ph.D., & Matthew Johnson: Involving Students in Securing a Future for Fraternal Organizations
     2006 Douglas N. Case, Grahaeme A. Hesp, & Charles G. Eberly: An Exploratory Study of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Fraternity and Sorority Members, Revisited


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