Gayle Webb New Professional Award


    This award was established in 1990 and re-named for AFA’s first Executive Director, Gayle Webb, upon her retirement in 1999. The purpose is to annually recognize outstanding contributions to the field of fraternity/sorority advising by one AFA member who is a campus-based professional and one AFA member who is an inter/national organization staff member during the individual’s first three years of Association membership (not inclusive of time as a graduate student or inter/national organization consultant). Nominees will be judged on achievements in their professional experience and impact at either a college/university or as part of an inter/national organization staff, contributions to the field of fraternity and sorority advising broadly including Association service, and outstanding projects/program/initiatives implemented during their professional experience. Two awards may be given each year, one to a campus-based professional, and one to a headquarters professional.

    Year   Recipient

    Lindsy Perry, Austin Peay State University
    Robbie Miller, Alpha Phi Fraternity

     2022  Patrick Githens, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
    Jayde Ware, Iowa State University
     2021  LaShatà Grayson, Indiana State University 
    Will Cangialosi, The Ohio State University
     2020  Lorae Bonamy, University of Maryland, College Park 
     Christina Parle, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity
     2019  Jessica Ashton, East Carolina University
     Brooke Goodman, Delta Phi Epsilon
     2018  Hunter Hartwig, The Ohio State University
     2017  Brittany Barnes, Purdue University
     Kate Wehby, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority
     2016  Bonny Shade, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
     2015  James Crawford, Vanderbilt University
     2014  Leslie Schacht, University of Iowa
     2013  Christina Wellhouser, University of California, Berkeley
     2012  Alex Brown, Keene State College
     2011  Annie Carlson, University of Oregon
     2010  Michelle Marchand, Lehigh University
     2009  Veronica Hunter, Lehigh University
     2008  Lindsay Sell, University of Connecticut
     2007  Amy Rosen, Otterbein College
     2006  Shannon Greybar Milliken, DePaul University
     2005  Megan Johnson, Dartmouth College
     2004  Kyle F. Jordan, Washington State University
     2003  Nicole Manley, Duke University
     2002  Nathan Thomas, Bradley University
     2001  Todd Sullivan, Florida International University
     2000  Dan Bureau, University of New Mexico
     1999  Jon Ness, Loyola University, New Orleans
     1998  Mike McRee, University of Oregon
     1997  Stephen Rupprecht, Pennsylvania State University
     1996  Mary Beth Carroll, University of South Carolina
     1995  Thomas Jelke, Florida State University
     1994  Walter Kimbrough, Emory University
     1993  Noel Landuyt, University of Texas, Austin
     1992  Joseph Bertolino, East Stroudsburg University
     1991  Mark Latimer, University of Oregon
     1990  R. Brit Katz, Northeast Louisiana University


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