Membership Categories


    AFA has four categories of membership, which are described below. Please contact the AFA Central Office if you have questions about these categories.

    Professional Members – $175

    Professional members shall be those holding full-time professional, administrative positions either (1) at a college/university or (2) at an inter/national fraternity or sorority.

    Affiliate Members – $175

    Affiliate members shall be all other who are actively concerned with enhancement of the advisement of fraternities and sororities who are not employed by a college/university or inter/national fraternity or sorority.

    Graduate Members – $100

    Graduate members shall be those who are enrolled as part-time or full-time graduate students (masters or doctoral) but who are not employed in any full-time, professional position. Those graduate students who are employed in full-time roles must register as professional or affiliate members.

    Emeritus Members – $100

    Emeritus members shall be those who have been professional members of the association up to the time they have retired from the field of higher education or from an inter/national fraternity or sorority staff, but still are actively interested in fraternities and sororities. To be considered for this membership category, please contact the board of directors.