Research Committee


    AFA’s Research Committee will be responsible for the promotion of and democratizing of research designed to advance the fraternity/sorority advising profession and that increases the understanding of the fraternity/sorority experience. This committee will work to create meaningful connections that allow research in the fraternity/sorority experience to be more easily realized. The committee will help develop strategic intentionality for the research efforts conducted by, for, and in conjunction with the AFA staff.

    • Serve as a repository/clearinghouse for facilitating connections between research ideas, data sources/participants, and established/emerging researchers. 
    • Brainstorm research projects that fall under the scope of the mission of the association that would provide a value-add to the membership.
    • Review and provide critical feedback on association instruments used for data collection purposes. 
    • Identify ways to provide regular educational programming designed to increase the methodological expertise of AFA members. 
    • Review, evaluate, and approve AFA Research Grants in support of the research interests of the association.
    • Coordinate the initial review and recommendation, to the AFA Awards and Recognition Committee, for AFA’s Dissertation of the Year Award.
    • Participate in initiatives as directed by the AFA staff or board of directors.
    • Members should be well versed in the issues facing fraternity/sorority professionals as well as the extant research done on them.
    • Experience with and methodological knowledge of how to conduct research so as both to better assess what is viable and also to assist graduate students, as needed, in advising their projects.
    • Members should have a desire to advance the understanding of empirical research within the fraternity/sorority advising profession and to create connections designed to bring said research to fruition. 
    Commitment Required
    • Committee members can expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on committee activities.


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