AFA’s Learning Management System: AFA Learning


    AFA Learning is the Association’s LMS which hosts on-demand videos and modules to support your professional development. Follow the steps below to access and familiarize yourself with AFA Learning:

    • Click the “LOG IN” button at the top right corner of this website or click here
    • From the FSCentral homepage, click “AFA Home”
    • Click the “AFA Learning” tile
    • From the AFA Learning homepage, scroll down to the “Catalog” section to browse through all live content
    • To filter the content you see, click “Select Category” at the top of the “Catalog” section to choose which subset of content you are interested in viewing
      • If you select a category and see the message “No Programs Found,” this means that either 1) you are not currently enrolled in the cohort that can view this content or 2) content has not yet been uploaded. You may email with questions or concerns.