Dr. Robert H. Shaffer Award


    This award is presented to an individual in the field of higher education who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to fraternities and sororities. The individual should have demonstrated a commitment to fostering positive change on college campuses through the advisement of the fraternity/sorority community, building partnerships in higher education and the interfraternal community, had positive and lasting impact on both campuses of employment and the profession of fraternity/sorority advising, and mentoring new and seasoned professionals. Strong candidates for this award have 15+ years of professional experience.

    Year   Recipient
     2023 Amy Vojta, Rutgers State University of New Jersey
     2022  Dr. Carolyn Whittier
     2021  Allison Swick-Duttine, SUNY Plattsburgh
     2020  Dr. Dan Bureau, University of Memphis
     2019  Dr. Monica Lee Miranda, University of South Florida
     2018  Jennifer “JJ” Jones, Southern Methodist University
     2017  Mindy Sopher, North Carolina State University
     2016  Mandy Womack, University of San Diego
     2015  Charley Pride, Ph.D., Western Kentucky University
     2014  Anne Arseneau, College of William & Mary
     2013  Dr. Tisa Mason, Fort Hays State University
     2012  Doug Case, San Diego State University
     2011  Dr. Ron Binder, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
     2010  Dr. Larry W. Lunsford, Florida International University
     2009  Steve Veldkamp, Indiana University
     2008  Dr. William “Bill” Nelson, University of Iowa
     2007  Michael Hayes, University of Maryland
     2006  Jennifer Jones-Hall, Valparaiso University
     2005  Dr. Walter Kimbrough, Philander Smith College
     2004  Charles Warner, West Chester University
     2003  Dr. Charles Eberly, Eastern Illinois University
     2002  Judith A. Sindlinger, University of Central Florida
     2001  Daniel A. Williams, University of Oregon
     2000  Dr. Vic Boschini, Illinois State University
     1999  Shelley Sutherland, University of Oregon
     1998  Thomas J. “Sparky” Reardon, University of Mississippi
     1997  Wayne S. Colvin, Bowling Green State University
     1996  Barb Robel, Kansas State University
     1995  Dr. Drury G. Bagwell, University of Maryland
     1994  Dr. Edward Whipple, Bowling Green State University
     1993  Dr. Kent Gardner, University of Texas, Arlington
     1992  Carol Thompson, University of Arizona
     1991  Dr. Edward King, Bradley University
     1990  Dr. Richard McKaig, Indiana University
     1989  Barbie Tootle, The Ohio State University
     1988  Dr. Thomas G. Goodale, Virginia Tech University
     1987  Dr. Edward H. Hammond, Fort Hays State University
     1986  Dr. Stanley R. Levy, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
     1985  Dr. Robert Etheridge
     1984  Jayne Wade Anderson, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
     1983  Dr. William Nester, University of Nebraska, Kearney
     1982  Dr. Karlem Riess, Tulane University
     1981  Herman B. Wells, Indiana University
     1980  Dr. Robert H. Shaffer, Indiana University


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