Editor & Peer Review Board for Journal of Sorority and Fraternity Life Research & Practice


    The Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession highlights the need for sound and credible research on fraternity/sorority life and professional practice. Journal of Sorority and Fraternity Life Research & Practice seeks to fulfill this need through the annual publication of two journal issues containing high quality research. The editor will lead the assistant editor, associate editor(s) and peer review board members as they recruit, review, and publish research to advance the fraternal movement and profession of fraternity and sorority advising.

    The peer review board reports to the editor. The editor, assistant editor, and associate editor(s) will designate the peer review board member’s responsibilities and functions. The peer review board member may also be asked to submit monthly updates on the status of his/her goals on dates determined in consultation with the editor.

    Editor Responsibilities
      Check back soon for more information.
    Peer Review Responsibilities
    • Review and edit articles for Oracle.
    • Assist the editor, assistant editor, and associate editor(s) in promoting the journal and developing and recruiting research article submissions.
    • Mentor and develop research appropriate for submission to Oracle.
    • Act as a steering committee to guide the future direction of the journal.
    • Participate in monthly conference calls.
    • Participate in initiatives directed by the AFA staff or board of directors.
    • Well versed in the role of research in advising fraternities and sororities.
    • Established record of contributions to research.
    • Prior editing and publication experience and a strong background in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and APA Style.
    Commitment Required
    • Review at least 2 to 4 articles annually with a swift turnaround (no more than 21 days).
    • Maintain contact with the editor and follow up with tasks as assigned.
    • Contribute meaningful dialogue to editorial board discussions on regular editorial board conference calls.
    • Prior to the submission deadline, the time commitment equals approximately 1 hour per week.
    • During the editing process, the time commitment may be up to 5 hours per week.


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