Essentials Editorial Board


    The Essentials editorial board plays an important role in the association’s ongoing efforts to provide excellent resources and services for members. Essentials is a monthly educational e-publication provided to AFA members to educate readers about a variety of topics, setting the stage for critical thought and discussion about cutting edge developments in the field.

    Editions seek to start conversation around the way we approach our work and to illuminate innovative ways of pushing the fraternal movement forward. Editions are typically published on the third Wednesday of each month from February to November. Please note that pieces included in Essentials provide various perspectives across the field of fraternity/sorority life, and thus may not be reflective of the policies or positions of the association.

    Essentials editorial board members are expected to produce a quality publication grounded in the Core Competencies for Excellence in the Profession.

    The Essentials co-editors supervise the Essentials editorial board. The committee members will divide their assigned responsibilities to distribute creative and editorial functions.

    Editorial Board Responsibilities & Commitment
    • 8-16 volunteers, on 2 year terms.
    • Co-leads 3-4 editions per year, which includes brainstorming with the co-lead(s), soliciting articles, communicating with authors, sending articles to editorial board members for copy editing, reviewing each article, and sending finished articles to the editor.
    • Edits 2-3 articles each month.
    • Assists in the brainstorming of new themes and potential authors.
    • Maintains communication with authors submitting articles for your editions.
    • Responds to board communications in a timely manner.
    • Participates in board conference calls and email discussions.
    • Prior experience writing and editing scholarly articles.
    • Strong background in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and AP Style.
    • Utilize the resources of their institutions/organizations as well as their own professional development networks to create or solicit themes for issues and articles for publication.


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