Essentials Award


    Established in 2008, the Essentials award seeks to recognize an author or authors who have written an article that is thought provoking, enlightening, and provides relevant and practical ideas to AFA members. To be eligible, articles must be original work and not previously published, must be based on sound professional practice and/or research, and must have been published in Essentials between August 2022 and July 2023. Finalists for this award are selected by the Editorial Board and then reviewed by the Awards and Recognition Committee to determine a winner.

    Year   Recipient
     2023 Leslie Pedigo, A Strategic Approach to Onboarding New Employees
     2022  Christina Parle, 15 Ways to Connect the Big Three: SFL Advisor, Inter/National Representative, and Conduct Administrator
     2021  Jayde Ware, Iowa State University – Tap, Tap, Tap In: How Buy-in Helps Reshape Prevention & Accountability in a Virtual World
     2020 Christina Parle: 15 Reasons Our Actions are Incongruent with our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion “Values” 
     2019 Nicholas Hudson, Ed.D.: Community Cultural Wealth & Funds of Knowledge at the Center of Advisement
     2018 Nicholas Hudson, Ed.D.: Undocumented and Greek – What Does Support Look Like? 
     2017 Tara Fuller: Professional Fears of Truthfulness & Accountability 
     2016 Tara Fuller: I’m a Sorority Woman, but I’m not Straight 
     2015 Michelle Marchand: Wife Swap: Fraternity/Sorority Professionals Edition 
     2014 Noah Borton & Haley Seeley: What If We Are the Problem
     2013 Nathan Arrowsmith & Stevie V. Tran: Title IX Empowers Fraternities to Include Transgender Members
     2012 Justin Angotti, Amy Colvin, Christine Loy, Kim Novak, Wes Schaub, Alex Snowden, & Dave Westol: Risk Management Case Studies
     2011 John DiSarro: Using Restorative Circles to Resolve a Fraternal Crisis
     2010 Dan Bureau: Making Your Mark on the Fraternal Relevance Movement 
     2009 Colleen Rose & Leslie Fasone: Fostering Ethical and Moral Development of Fraternity and Sorority Members Through Service
     2008 John Shertzer: Reclaiming Leadership


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